Volunteering to Help Animals is More than Cleaning Up Messes

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Northeast Ohio SPCA.  Our volunteers are the key to the success of the shelter.  Committed volunteers socialize, walk, groom, showcase and cuddle the homeless animals entrusted to our care.  Volunteers also work special events and expand their knowledge of animal behavior.

Volunteers must be able to read, write and work independently.  Additionally, we can only accept volunteers over 18 years of age.  Volunteering is a privilege and the shelter reserves the right to refuse anyone from doing so.

1. Make a Difference: Staff shortage is one major reason to volunteer at the SPCA.  As a volunteer, your work with the animals will allow one on one time with the pets as they wait to receive their forever homes.  

2. Meet Good People: Many single adults have trouble making meaningful friends, especially after moving to a new town.  The bar and online dating scene is fast-paced and artificial, and continuing education classes can be expensive and competitive.  Volunteering at an animal shelter ensures that you're surrounded by caring people all working toward a common goal. You'll see the same people on a regular basis and can bond through your common interests of helping animals and the funny stories that incoming critters will inspire.  In this type of environment, it's inevitalbe that you'll make quality, dependable friends.  

3. Feel Better: It's no secret that spending quality time with an animal has numerous health benefits.  If you're unable to have a pet at home, you can reap many of the same benefits bonding with animals at our shelter.  Petting an animal relieves stress and lowers blood pressure, walking and playing with a dog keeps obesity at bay and, bonding with an animal curbs lonliness and gives your life a sense of purpose.  

4.  Learn Something New: If you're out of school, it's hard to get hands-on experience in a new trade without spending money on continuing education classes.  Volunteering enables you to learn a lot about rehabilitating, training, grooming and feeding animals, all skills you can use at home when you care for your own pets.  

5. Sometimes, it's tough to even get an entry-level position in your field.  Temporary jobs might pay the bills, but they leave a gap on your resume which potential employers will frown upon.  Using your expertise to help animals keeps your skills fresh and give you something impressive to add to your resume, portfolio, or college application  

6. Choosing a pet is a big decision. Some people are too quick to take home a pet based on appearance when his demeanor and energy level might not be a good fit.  Volunteering at the SPCA helps you get to know different animals on many levels - how they play, their energy level, how they act with kids and other pets, and how much training they'll need.  You might fall in love with a breed you didn't expect or find the perfect companion for a friend who is looking for a pet.


Help With Events

Keep Shelter Pets Company

Become A Dog Walker

If you are interested in attending adoption events or, setting up a fundraiser to benefit our shelter please email Stefanie at stefanieneospca@gmail.com.


Become A Dog Walker

Keep Shelter Pets Company

Become A Dog Walker

Interested in spending quality time with our shelter dogs?  Become a dog walker!  Give us a call at (216) 351-7387 to learn more about this opportunity.

*Must be 18 or older


Keep Shelter Pets Company

Keep Shelter Pets Company

Keep Shelter Pets Company

Volunteering at our shelter is more than picking up dog poo!  It allows you to spend one on one time with a pet who could use the company of humans while they wait for their new family.  Call us at (216) 351-7387 to learn more!