What We Do

Through adoption, education, spay and neutering, we save lives to make euthanasia of healthy animals unnecessary.

We are a non-profit, private pet shelter that will adopt approximately 2,500 pets into loving homes annually.  We receive no government funding and rely on donations and financial support from our community.  Since 2004 when we opened, we have adopted over 27,500 pets into loving homes.

Our shelter participates in animal relocation and transport programs, where animals are taken from areas where shelters are overcrowded to areas where they can be adopted.  We also take in animals from our local community when they can no longer be cared for by their current owners. 

The purpose of the Northeast Ohio SPCA No-Kill Pet Shelter is to provide a safe haven for abandoned, homeless, and adoptable loving pets until they can find a home. We would love to help you find your next 4-legged family member, so please come visit our dogs and cats today!


We rely on our community to help us care for our animals. Whether it is walking dogs, washing dishes, helping clean cages, or giving some much-needed attention, our dogs and cats really appreciate your time. Consider spending some time with us at the shelter and help make a difference.


Our staff cares very deeply about every single one of our pets.  We want to make sure our dog or cat will be a good fit for your home.  Let our staff answer all your questions or concerns and help us make one of our pets your newest family member.


We receive no government funding and rely solely on the generosity of people who care just as much about animals as we do. These pets rely on us to provide a clean shelter, food and water, and proper veterinary care. Your monetary and item donations are very much appreciated by our 4-legged friends.