Why Adopt?

Reasons to adopt from the Northeast Ohio SPCA

  1. You save a life.

All animals at our shelter are in need of a forever chance. They have been given up or abandoned at kill shelters and transported to our no-kill facility. They are all in need, unwanted and helpless. By adopting you are giving them a second chance for life in a loving home.

  1. You don’t contribute to pet overpopulation.

All of our pets are adopted out spay or neutered. Adopting from a shelter helps weaken the pet overpopulation cycle.

  1. You help say no to puppy mills and back yard breeding.

By adopting from our shelter you are making a stand against backyard breeders that produce millions of animals for sale in pet stores and through newspaper ads. Often known as puppy and kitten mills, these facilities repeatedly breed their female dogs their entire lives in cages without human love. These poor animals are often in filthy cramped cages forced to produce litter upon litter and once they become too old are destroyed adopting a shelter animal means you don’t support such cruel practices.

  1. You take advantage of adopting an adult animal.

Adult pets are great they are already housebroken or litter box trained. Many already know everyday commands like “sit” or “stay.” You won’t have to deal with the “puppy stage” or the “kitten stage” which includes biting, chewing, clawing, etc. You will be able to see the personality of the adopted pet right away.

  1. The shelter and Veterinary staff are knowledgeable resources that are here to help you.

After your adoption should a problem arise the people who work at the shelter will be available to answer questions to help you during the transaction of your pet into its new home. Our staff works with animals every day and may have the answer to help you.

  1. The Shelter has a great variety of dogs and cats.

Our shelter offers a variety that you won’t find anywhere else. We have the greatest mutts you’ll ever find as well as purebred dogs. We have more than 2,000 animals come through our doors every year!

  1. You adopt a pet who has received good care.

All animals that come to the shelter are admitted by experienced staff. They are given vaccinations upon arrival and are given a veterinary exam and are spay or neutered. Our Vets are here to assist you with health care issues and concerns.

  1. You support a valuable non-profit charity.

When you adopt a pet from our shelter, you assist a not-for-profit organization, but also send a message to others who will be asking you for years to come where you obtained your adorable pet.

  1. Your cost is reduced.

Low adoption fees are much less than the cost of purebred puppies or kittens sold for profit. The monies received by the shelter will be filtered back to saving more lives.

  1. You encourage others to adopt animals from shelters.

When your friends find out that you adopted your pet from the Northeast Ohio SPCA they may be encouraged to adopt from our shelter as well.